My recent work stems from my studies of Liane Collot d'Herbois and Light, Darkness and Colour. I have tried to capture light entering the darkness by working with charcoal, the dark substance remaining after destruction by fire.

In this context we refer to the activity of light and darkness not as good and evil, but in their archetypal activity.

Light: consciousness, thinking, and the nerve-sense system.

Darkness: Unconscious activity, warmth, the will and the metabolic system.

Color: the middle, rhythmical breathing of our feelings and soul.

Through the light of the thinking and nerve-sense process we are able to become more conscious, awake and focused, and able to respond in the moment. Through the warmth and darkness of the will and metabolic system, we hold, cherish and digest all that life brings to us.

This has been a valuable metaphor for me of the balance where we live our lives, between Heaven and Earth.

"Weaving Light"

weaving light


The following are from the "Witness to the Incarnation" Series


Donna Webb, "Witness to the Incarnation, Rider"

Donna Webb, "Witness to the Incarnation"

Donna Webb, "Witness to the Incarnation, Fisherman"